NCA Rodeos


Stock Contractors:
Ernie Treadway Rodeo Company Liberty, SC - (864) 608-3807 
Wes and John Stalans Spur’n S Rodeo Blaine, TN - (865) 933-8588

Ernie ​Treadway has been producing rodeos for thirty five years, and the year 2014 will mark the twenty year anniversary for Spur’n S Rodeo. Combined these stock contractors have over 55 years of experience producing quality rodeos. They haul award winning livestock, and hire experienced professional rodeo personnel. Anyone interested in brining a rodeo to your hometown please contact one of these contractors.
The National Cowboy Association sanctions rodeos throughout the southeast, providing “action packed family entertainment”.

NCA Finals 
November 14th & 15th White Pine, TN